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  • Senior Art Director Open Position

    We are looking for an innovative senior art director/designer that can concept, lead, and design at a high creative level. Here’s the scoop: The Agency Combining the intimacy of a boutique marketing and branding agency with the experience and resources of a larger firm, birdsong gregory provides innovative, award-winning creative solutions to a diverse range... Full Article

  • 5 Steps To A Successful Channel Partnership

    If you’re looking to capture a greater share of today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, channel partnerships present a highly profitable opportunity for your company. By leveraging a sales force other than your own, you can develop new customers and revenue streams in a way that far exceeds the capacity of your in-house sales team. Of course,... Full Article

  • Why Your Brand Needs a Good Tone of Voice

    The right brand voice can make all the difference in how people experience and feel about your business. It will enhance and reinforce your positioning in subtle yet critical ways. And it will help close the gap between the kind of company you say you are and how your customers and employees talk about you.... Full Article

  • We won three International ARC Awards!

      Our Charlotte marketing agency was recently notified that we won three ARC awards for annual report design. The Crawford & Company 2016 Annual Report and the Curtiss-Wright 2016 Annual Report both received Gold, while the MAA 2016 Annual Report won Honors. When designed well and presented in the right format, annual reports are a great way to present... Full Article

  • London Calling …

    This week a few lucky members of our Charlotte marketing agency’s retail practice group will be attending one of the world’s largest retail trade fairs across the pond in London – the Retail Design Expo. This exciting European show is chock full of the latest and greatest from some of the world’s biggest retail designers, retail marketers, and visual merchandisers. Check... Full Article

  • Girl Meets Addy. Leaves Feeling Ambivalent.

    Like any first date I strategically planned my outfit, did my hair just right, and promised myself only two drinks. I then arrived at The Big Chill (fashionably late, of course) and surveyed the area…oh look the bar! After deciding to not check my coat in case a quick retreat was needed, I quickly found... Full Article

  • A Salute to Nostalgia – Millennial Style

    It was just announced that Nickelodeon will be creating a channel called The Splat – strictly for “old” 90s cartoons. (That sound you hear is Millennials everywhere rejoicing at the thought of watching shows like Hey Arnold! and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters again.) Nickelodeon’s not the first to bring back classics. Recently, ABC Family launched the pilot for the Muppets TV show,... Full Article

  • The Most Incredible Kitchen Showroom in The World

    Or at least in Atlanta. Our Charlotte marketing agency recently had the opportunity to do a series of marketplace audits for the kitchen remodel purchase journey, and to see how things are done on the higher end, we traveled down to the ATL to visit the Southeast’s only location of Pirch, a premier provider of kitchen and... Full Article

  • Charlotte Marketing Agencies Get To Test Their Packaging Design Skills. And Drink Beer.

    For a lot of craft brands, innovative packaging becomes the default marketing strategy – especially when marketing budgets are tight. And in the world of craft brewery, uniqueness is inherent to the category, which means excellent packaging has become par for the course. With so many options for the thirsty consumer to choose from, aspiring zymurgists have... Full Article

  • Digital Annual Reports:
    5 Things to Consider

    If you still think of a company’s annual report as a stodgy regulatory requirement that wraps a 10K in between a few pages of color photography and predictable headlines, you need to think again. With its ability to aggregate information from other sources, provide graphic access to years worth of data, and tell a much more... Full Article

  • Get the White Paper:
    4 Affordable Marketing Research Methods

    Let’s be honest. Marketing isn’t about your company’s products or services. It’s about shaping perceptions, fighting to break through the clutter, and figuring out a way to stay top of mind. To help determine what attitudes and perceptions your customers hold about you, marketing research is a critical tool to help make smarter marketing decisions. At the same time, gauging consumer... Full Article

  • 5 things I learned as a judge at WFU’s Marketing Analytics Summit

    Held every year at Wake Forest University School of Business, the Marketing Analytics Summit is a big 3-day symposium that brings together executives and thought leaders from a wide range of industries. The mission: to discuss the ramifications of Big Data and how it’s changing the way consumers shop and manufacturers market. When I was asked by the... Full Article

  • 2015 Fashion Trends

    With all the 2015 spring Fashion Week action wrapped up (London, Milan, Paris and New York), we know what the 1% will be wearing this year. Now it’s time to help a more egalitarian retailer like Cato showcase their efforts to bring this year’s trends to the other 99%. For 2015, there is a big neutral story that... Full Article

  • 10 Proposal Writing Tips our Charlotte Marketing Agency Lives By

    When the opportunity for new business comes through the door, you need a proven way to create a proposal that sets your agency apart and captures the great things you have to offer. Here are ten suggested best-practices that not only maximize your chances to stand out and land the job but also manage the risks. Sure,... Full Article