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  • Building the Annual Media Plan

    As cooler weather sets in, one thing is definite: It’s time for the creation of an annual marketing plan. For most businesses, this means reflecting on the past year’s successes (and misses), as well as identifying opportunities for continued momentum and growth. Two key components of these efforts – Media Planning and Buying. Our team... Full Article

  • Eight Customer Marketing Trends to Watch

    Everybody loves to talk about the sales funnel and how to best align marketing efforts with a prospect’s journey from the wide rim of awareness to the narrow neck where deals are closed. But what happens after the prospect exits the funnel and becomes a customer? In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, a positive customer experience can often... Full Article

  • 5 Steps To A Successful Channel Partnership

    If you’re looking to capture a greater share of today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, channel partnerships present a highly profitable opportunity for your company. By leveraging a sales force other than your own, you can develop new customers and revenue streams in a way that far exceeds the capacity of your in-house sales team. Of course,... Full Article

  • The ABC’s of Content Marketing

    Thanks, Martina!

  • Why Your Brand Needs a Good Tone of Voice

    The right brand voice can make all the difference in how people experience and feel about your business. It will enhance and reinforce your positioning in subtle yet critical ways. And it will help close the gap between the kind of company you say you are and how your customers and employees talk about you.... Full Article

  • McDonald’s Beloved Brand Isn’t Made In a Kitchen.

    Just like Pepsi vs. Coke or Ford vs. GM, the battle between McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) and Burger King represents one of the most closely-studied business rivalries in American history. For more than 60 years, McDonald’s has been the trailblazer that set the standard by which all other franchises operated, and although a revitalized Burger King has begun to narrow the... Full Article

  • 5 Steps For
    Better Internal Alignment

    Our Charlotte marketing agency works with companies across different industries, but one thing remains the same: the interdepartmental bottleneck that can weaken or kill a marketing project. So how can marketers take the lead in shaping strategic direction across all parts of the business? Here are 5 steps to improve internal collaboration, align goals, and get it done. 1. Kick off with... Full Article

  • The Little Campaign That Could. Or Couldn’t?

    When you think Buick, you picture your grandpa or dad’s old car that holds memories of you as a kid. GM is trying to change that. With the launch of their Experience the New Buick campaign in 2014, Buick is addressing the public’s opinion of “old man car” and attempting to alter that perception through... Full Article

  • To Eat or Not To Eat? That is No Longer the Question.

    Propelled by First Lady Michelle Obama in an effort to reduce America’s increasing obesity rates and related diseases – as we have all seen even here in Charlotte – Americans will now be able to see exactly what their food contains. The new label was designed by Kevin Grady (the global head of content and... Full Article

  • P&G Knows Moms

    Four years ago, Proctor&Gamble aired its first Thank You Mom campaign to coincide with the Olympics. With Mother’s Day coming up (don’t forget to send flowers), it seems appropriate to not only pay tribute to Moms, but to acknowledge one of the admittedly best marketing campaigns ever (besides the ones our Charlotte marketing agency creates, of course).... Full Article

  • Is AmazonSmile really something to smile at?

    This year, Amazon launched a new program called AmazonSmile, which allows buyers to donate a small percentage of their purchase(s) to a charity, or charities, of their choice. The catch? Really, there isn’t one, unless you count that Amazon is only giving .5% (that’s right, one half of one percent) – or that there is... Full Article

  • 5 Essential Steps For Effective B2B Social Media Marketing

    There’s no shortage of social media campaigns in the B2C world, and stand-out efforts (like Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign*) have succeeded on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other sites because of the fresh thinking behind them. The business to business world, however, has been a bit slower to buy into social media marketing, but that’s changing quickly. From Global Fortune... Full Article

  • The Influence of Branding on Business-to-Business Decision Making

    It’s a common misperception among both B2B companies and Charlotte marketing agencies that building strong brand awareness and loyalty is somehow less important than for consumer brands. Studies show that many business-to-business CEOs view marketing as the domain of consumer goods brands, but, unfortunately, they are wrong. This insightful white paper from McKinsey Consulting demonstrates how brands... Full Article

  • Does Generation X Suffer From Middle Child Syndrome?

    Beginning in the 20th century (and maybe before), generational identities became a very effective way to divide people up in order to better sell us things. As a member of Generation X, however, I have a gripe with the pulse takers, population counters, and marketing folks who keep squeezing us out of the frame. Unlike the materialistic, slacker, disenfranchised stereotype associated... Full Article