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  • 4 Content Marketing Resolutions for 2019

    They say more than half of all New Year’s resolutions fail, but that’s likely due to people setting unrealistic goals. If you want to lose weight or drink less in the coming year, you’re facing a myriad of deeply rooted psychological obstacles. Good luck with that. If you’ve resolved to build stronger relationships with your... Full Article

  • Wrap your head around this punchy line of pillows.

      Challenge: Although we spend a third of our lives with our head resting on one, sleeping pillows are not a very complex buying decision, and consumers rarely evince strong brand loyalty to one white fluffy rectangle over another. So how do you get noticed in a such a (pun alert) sleepy category? Solution: First,... Full Article

  • Content Marketing Pointers from Digital Summit Charlotte

    At Digital Summit Charlotte, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Shana Sullivan of Vertical Measures. As a project manager and trainer, Shana leads a range of digital-centric initiatives, as well as teaches her clients (and teams) how to be smarter marketers. The session was titled: “10 Critical Factors for Success in Content... Full Article

  • Learning and Inspiration at Digital Summit 2019

    Providing innovative brand solutions requires constant learning. At bg, we work to stay on top of consumer, technological, and other marketplace trends that define (and likewise, evolve) the B2B and B2C spaces. Part of this education comes in the form of attending speaker series and conferences – like the recent Digital Summit Charlotte. Over the... Full Article

  • Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™ Sales Kit Design

      Challenge: Restaurants, hotels, and other “harsh” business settings require printed materials that can stand up to rough handling and repeated use. Our client Domtar, the supplier of Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™, needed a sales tool to communicate why this paper is the perfect solution to these needs. The piece had to be hands-on, easy for... Full Article

  • A new website for MANA and a give-back opportunity for us.

      Challenge: Since it was started 12 years ago, MANA has enabled mothers and communities across the Third World to treat children ages six months and older who have been diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition (SAM). But like a lot of non-profits, their online presence lacked both functionality and a clear call to action. Solution: Working closely with... Full Article

  • Building the Ultimate Client Database

    You’re planning a surprise birthday party. It’s time to invite your husband’s family and friends. What’s the first thing you do? Create a list… Who are you inviting? Where are they? How do you get in touch with them? You need to know, and most likely, need to know fast. These are the exact same... Full Article

  • Content Marketing that Cuts Through the Noise

    Do you remember when business success depended on a company’s ability to sell products, influence prospects, inspire investors, build categories, grow market share, and drive revenue? Well all those things are still essential in today’s increasingly competitive globalized economy, except now there’s another key differentiator that separates the status quo from market leaders. From Fortune 500s to young... Full Article

  • Want to know what your customers think about you? Then ask them.

    For every business and every brand, ongoing in-depth research plays an essential role in helping you understand your internal audience (your team), your external audience (your customers), and your competition. Whether you are launching a new product or simply want to better understand existing brand attitudes, there are a lot of effective qualitative research tools... Full Article

  • 5 Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective Than Ever

    Some say that direct mail is dead. It’s not. In fact, when used strategically, creative direct mail executions have been proven to attract attention, drive action, and move the needle on defined business goals. Here are 5 reasons why direct mail should be considered for your marketing mix:   1. Less Is More As more and... Full Article

  • Building the Annual Media Plan

    As cooler weather sets in, one thing is definite: It’s time for the creation of an annual marketing plan. For most businesses, this means reflecting on the past year’s successes (and misses), as well as identifying opportunities for continued momentum and growth. Two key components of these efforts – Media Planning and Buying. Our team... Full Article

  • Why Your Brand Needs a Good Tone of Voice

    The right brand voice can make all the difference in how people experience and feel about your business. It will enhance and reinforce your positioning in subtle yet critical ways. And it will help close the gap between the kind of company you say you are and how your customers and employees talk about you.... Full Article

  • Eight Customer Marketing Trends to Watch

    Everybody loves to talk about the sales funnel and how to best align marketing efforts with a prospect’s journey from the wide rim of awareness to the narrow neck where deals are closed. But what happens after the prospect exits the funnel and becomes a customer? In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, a positive customer experience can often... Full Article

  • The ABC’s of Content Marketing

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