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  • A Windy City Covered in Green

    As a newbie to the trade show world, I was thoroughly impressed with my first experience at ProMat 2019, one of North America’s largest expos for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. From the moment I arrived in Chicago, stepped off the plane and into a 45-minute Uber to the heart of the city, and all... Full Article

  • ADDYs in the House!

    We had a great time at the Charlotte AAAwards (formerly known as – and still called by everyone who attends – the ADDYs). Our crew enjoyed mingling with Charlotte’s creative class on top of a historic brick building near Panther’s Stadium with a gorgeous panoramic view of the skyline. It’s nice to be recognized for... Full Article

  • Dunkin’ Drops ‘Donuts’

    It’s official – Dunkin’ dropped the ‘Donuts’ from their name and simplified their look for a fresh, playful representation of the brand. The new branding will be reflected in advertising, on packaging, in stores and online beginning January 2019. The distinctive color palette and rounded letters have stuck around since the 70s and the logo... Full Article

  • Learning and Inspiration at Digital Summit 2019

    Providing innovative brand solutions requires constant learning. At bg, we work to stay on top of consumer, technological, and other marketplace trends that define (and likewise, evolve) the B2B and B2C spaces. Part of this education comes in the form of attending speaker series and conferences – like the recent Digital Summit Charlotte. Over the... Full Article

  • Want to know what your customers think about you? Then ask them.

    For every business and every brand, ongoing in-depth research plays an essential role in helping you understand your internal audience (your team), your external audience (your customers), and your competition. Whether you are launching a new product or simply want to better understand existing brand attitudes, there are a lot of effective qualitative research tools... Full Article

  • Instant design challenges to keep your creative brain big and juicy

    When you create for a living, it can be a challenge to remain excited about longer projects, as well as to find new challenges that inspire you. So if you’ve been in a slump these days, or are in awe of the cool projects some designers seem to always be working on, give this nifty site a try. Created... Full Article

  • Moonshine Packaging That Really … Shines.

    Early this year, a young startup distiller called Stillhouse Spirits launched line of corn whiskeys that packs a punch before you even take the first sip. The Stillhouse Original Moonshine package is an angular red lacquered can with a flask-style screw cap. Hand applied color-coded labels denote the six varieties in the product line, which include Stillhouse Original clear corn... Full Article

  • H-E-L-L-O to Uptown Sans

    Working at a Charlotte branding agency gives us lots of things to brag about: great Southern cuisine, ambitious local breweries (we can’t keep track of how many there are now in our Queen City!), and, of course, Cam Newton. Now, we have the honor of planting a flag in the world of typefaces. Introducing the new... Full Article

  • Check Out This Gorgeous Corporate Identity

    Of course, branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. It spans the entire continuum of customer contact – from the tone of voice with you which you answer the phone to product development to physical and digital environments. Having said that, however, a good logo and basic identity package are still critical.... Full Article

  • A DIY Chocolate Christmas Tree That’s Too Beautiful to Eat (Almost)

    The French might be best known for the traditional Christmas dessert of bûche de Noël, but they consume more chocolate at Christmas (not Easter, like Americans) than any other time of year, and serious chocolatiers are constantly looking for ways to innovate and elevate when it comes to both taste and design. Elegantly and conveniently packaged in an... Full Article

  • Need a Gorgeous Photorealistic Room Scene? Don’t shoot!

    With a number of Lowe’s suppliers as clients, we have to help them move quickly on image requests (like the room scene above). And given the many benefits that computer-generated imagery (CGI) can bring both creatively and economically, our Charlotte branding agency increasingly forgoes the cumbersome, time-consuming process of staging and shooting a real scene in favor... Full Article

  • A Hugely Influential Typeface Designer Leaves Us, But His Characters Live On.

    The Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger passed away over the weekend, (you can read the New York Times obituary here). Throughout Frutiger’s prolifiic career, he created more than forty different typefaces that were widely praised for their ingenious engineering, style, and readability – appearing on signs in the Paris Métro (a custom adaptation of Univers) as well as,... Full Article

  • The Art of Good Packaging Design

    As Charlotte marketing agencies get ready to participate in our local AIGA’s second annual Beer & Branding contest, I am reminded of my all-time favorite beer branding – and the brilliant artist behind it. You have to go back to the mid-1990s, when Flying Dog, once a modest brewpub in Aspen, had become a full-fledged brewery in Denver.... Full Article

  • 5 Documentaries Every Designer and Art Director Should See

    1. Helvetica If you know the difference between a typeface and a font, then you’ll love this documentary about the world’s most inescapable typeface: Helvetica. Directed by Gary Hustwit, the film celebrates Helvetica’s history, the reasons for its pervasiveness, and universal appeal. The film also examines how typography and graphic design affect our culture. The... Full Article