Check out this map of the most famous BEER/BOOZE brand from every state

Earlier this week, Leslie, the Fearless Leader of our Charlotte marketing agency,  posted a map of the country's best known brands by state. Well, in honor of Fourth of July (and its traditional consumption of adult beverages), here's an interesting infographic that shows each state's best known beer or liquor brand. As a Louisiana native, I"m a bit surprised to see Louisiana associated with Southern Comfort instead of Dixie Beer. But I'm happy to see North Carolina's top-of-mind beer brand is Highland Brewing Company.

This Asheville-based brewery rolled out its first kegs in December 1994 using small, retrofitted dairy equipment. Now, at their new state-of-the-art location, they have the capacity to brew over 50,000 barrels annually. And if you've never taken their brewery tour, sign up the next time you're in the mountains. 

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