Check out this video of the 7UP “Melting Machine” – another great example of guerrilla marketing

How long does it take for a gigantic block of ice to melt? Well probably not fast enough for these passerbys. This cool guerrilla marketing stunt, called the "Melting Machine," found that sweetspot at the crossroads of experiential marketing and an insanely thirsty audience.

7UP teamed up with BBDO Argentina to design this non-technological vending machine campaign made of ice –and asked for interaction, not pesos.

As the ice that makes up the machine melts, passers-by are invited to grab a 7Up and to guess what time they think the last can will be freed from its icy encasement. This guess, made via Twitter, gives the company a great way to attract attention and generate social media chatter.

Our Charlotte marketing agency wishes a local soft drink manufacturer like Cheerwine would take notice and pull a simliar stunt in downtown Charlotte when the weather gets hot.

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