In Case You Wanted One Of Those Cool Stickers From Apple’s Latest Commercial…

Our Charlotte ad agency's go-to laptop is light, fast, and looks sweet with stickers.


Apple’s latest ad features a stop-motion style video of MacBook Airs adorned with unique stickers. In shot after shot, the stickers cleverly interact with the Apple logo on the MacBook’s lid — showcasing not only how cool it can look with a decal applied but also the the passion people have for all things Apple (our Charlotte ad agency included).

Apple features some of the playful stickers from the spot on their “Stickers” page, but Mike Wehner of The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

The Apple Blog has gone trough the trouble of tracking down 74 of the stickers featured in the spot for you to purchase. Since some of the stickers aren’t actually available for purchase anywhere, he’s even found similar alternatives for you.

Check them out here.

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