Just $ave Grocery

retail brand reinvention

A small town grocery store is a small town grocery store. Unless you break through with something new. To compete with both big box stores as well as other regional grocers, Just $ave needed a way to generate some buzz, build shopper loyalty, and grow basket size. And that's just what we did.


  • In a largely commoditized market segment, smaller grocery banners have paper-thin margins and difficulty competing with Walmart on price.
  • In the small local communities, where shopping habits are often entrenched, it can be hard to change behavior and attitudes.
  • Consumer insights and market analysis showed the core shopper was a low-income, blue-collar, culturally isolated segment that made weekly stock-up trips and had little to no disposable income.


Since we couldn’t compete with Walmart on price, we had to find other ways of incentivizing shoppers to choose Just $ave over competitors.

In small rural North Carolina communities, where entertainment options and disposable income can be in short supply, gamification provided new opportunities for free fun and excitement.

Grocery shopping with children tends to make the trip more stressful, so Just $ave needed to offer more ways to entertain the kids while in the store.


Our goal was to change the concept of what a grocery store could be by turning the in-store experience into a never-ending jackpot – an entertainment activity very relevant to our identified shopper segment.


The outcome was a retail environment that made shopping for groceries fun and saving money easy. From talking animal shopping carts for kids, to a giant Spin & Win wheel, to a pimped-out Deals on Wheels cart, Just $ave has become a talked about destination in the two communities where this concept was test launched.

Outdoor advertising, guerrilla marketing, and targeted direct mail and digital helped support the launch and activate the reinvented brand. In the first month, overall store sales were up 19%.


  • In-Store Intercepts and Customer Audits
  • Creative Development
  • Environmental Design
  • Strategy Development
  • Tone & Voice
  • In-home, Online, and OOH Activation
  • Marketing Planning
  • Associate Engagement
  • Guerilla Marketing