Retail POS Strategy and Design

Buying a light bulb used to be easy. But as the transition to more energy-efficient lighting continues to pick up pace, the assortment of products and new technologies can be overwhelming. To help shoppers navigate and understand this rapidly evolving category, we created a new system to simplify, clarify and beautify the in-store light bulb shopping experience at Lowe's.


  • Consumers have bought the same kind of light bulb for decades. LEDs, however, represent not only a new technology but also a new way to think about illumination (lumens vs. watts).
  • With such high-SKU density, the light bulb aisle is an overwhelmingly confusing shopping experience.
  • The Race to the Socket: because LEDs can last more than 20 years, and it’s critical that retailers make that sale today.


87% of consumers say “price” is the key reason for picking a bulb, but purchase price is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

The environmental benefits of LED (energy savings) only matter to the consumer if expressed in terms of cost savings.

Although wattage is no longer an accurate measure of bulb performance, shoppers still shop by watts, so it needs to be featured prominently on packaging.


Create a cohesive, customer-friendly LED messaging and merchandizing strategy that can be used across all marketing channels to change shopper behavior, help them navigate the category, and make an informed decision.


Beginning with a comprehensive in-store and competitor audit, we restructured the entire light bulb planogram from end-cap to end-cap in a way that organized the assortment in a more intuitive, easy-to-shop structure. Relevant consumer information was placed at eye level in illuminated panels, and large format, over-bay signage encouraged trial of LED bulbs to drive same-store LED bulb sales. For Lowe’s private label brands (Utilitech and Utilitech Pro), we redesigned the packaging to improve the hierarchy of information and highlight wattage as the first step of the decision process.


  • Marketplace and Competitive Audit
  • Internal Alignment Workshops
  • Communication Strategy Plan
  • Environmental Design
  • Planogram Design
  • Product Packaging Design