retail category reinvention

As one of the country’s biggest national home improvement retailers, Lowe’s is constantly looking for ways to improve the in-store shopping experience. One category that needed help was bird food and feeders. Birding is a pastime enjoyed by 85 million Americans, and is one of this country’s most popular outdoor activities. A preliminary audit showed that the category was an overwhelming mix of feeders, foods, accessories, and information.


  • Birding is a large 4-bay category. Which meant that the sheer volume of SKUs and the span of the overhead signage were difficult to shop.
  • With no logical link between packaging and signage, there was confusion between seed blends and birds they attracted. A stronger visual connection between food and feeder types was needed.
  • Because Birding is a four-season leisure category, Lowe’s needed a way to connect on an emotional level, drive repeat trips, and grow basket size.


For most people, the appeal of bird watching comes from the beauty of the birds: the tremendous variations of color and pattern viewed in a natural environment.

The most enjoyable way of experiencing variety is to see as many birds as possible in your backyard or from your balcony.


Turn the category from a confusing array of products into a harmonious display of birding education, inspiration, and activation.


We used a combination of store intercepts, intuitive category exploration, and competitive set analysis to fully understand a consumer’s decision tree when considering birding products. Based on that data, we developed a new planogram using color segmentation of products and corresponding signage that quickly communicated attributes of feeders and food, making product selection easy and intuitive. As part of our thorough category simplification, we also refined the nomenclature for food types, which reduced confusion and resulted in a better on-package hierarchy of information. The new packaging designs made it easy to find what you were looking for and deepen your affinity for the pastime.


  • Competitor and Marketplace Audit Report
  • Shopper Research
  • Category Positioning
  • Planogram Design
  • Private Brand Strategy
  • Environmental & Signage Design
  • Packaging Design