New Product Branding

To better compete against leading national cleaning product brands, Lowe’s Home Improvement needed a unifying private brand with a visually compelling stand-alone presence. From window cleaner to trash bags, this new brand would unify a broad assortment and help drive incremental sales – a key component of Lowe’s revenue growth strategy.


  • Shoppers now demand personal benefits from everyday brands, like “this makes my life easier,” or “saves me time.”
  • The current Lowe’s cleaning products brand didn't provide a recognizable, memorable experience to shoppers.
  • To go head-to-head with leading national cleaning brands, you have to compete directly at shelf with packaging and price.


This cleaning brand’s core demographic consists of women of 25 – 64 years of age (with a sweet-spot of Older Millennials and Gen Xers, 35-54 years).

The future growth in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) will be driven by Millennials, who buy private-label brands if they think they are as good as national brands.

While some shoppers buy cleaning products online, the majority search and select at-shelf – influenced by a mix of brand familiarity, specific purpose, and price.


Create an energetic, engaging cleaning brand for Lowe's that helps shoppers identify product attributes quickly at shelf, while providing a budget-friendly alternative to national brands.


The Name
Moxie, another word for determination, energy, and know-how, perfectly captures the spirit of the target audience and the effectiveness of the products.

The Logo
This dynamic design builds from the familiar equities of cleaning brands while applying a fresh and unique approach. The letterforms are a balance of strength and approachability, while the colorful swipe icon adds energy and play, alluding to a cleaning motion and the celebration of a completed task.


  • Market Research
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Name Development
  • Logo Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Concept Testing