Rack Room Shoes

Grand Opening Campaign

Rack Room Shoes was opening 30+ new retail locations and needed a program to deliver a consistent brand experience before, during, and after each opening. So we developed a launch strategy with an easy-to-execute marketing program that turned pre-opening buzz into an early-stage boost.


  • Low brand awareness in new markets but only a limited mass-media advertising budget.
  • Undefined brand positioning needed internal alignment and consensus.
  • Operational resources to execute local store marketing were limited.


If you want to build brand awareness in new markets, find a mantra ( “affordable family style”) and communicate that clearly and consistently across all touch points.

A series of agency-led cross-departmental discussions were needed to define, understand, and prioritize the brand positioning and Grand Opening tactics.


To develop and leverage a unique POD for RackRoom. Then promote that belief via an adaptable local store marketing plan and a suite of incentivized programs for target key demographics like Hispanics and military families.


Working outward from the new cohesive brand position, we created and executed a grand opening campaign called Keep it Real. Featuring instant win opportunities to drive traffic and local news coverage on opening day, as well as a longer running sweepstakes to sustain traffic once the doors were open, this campaign sought to shift the focus from the store (“We are open”) to the shopper (“I can win”).

From an operational standpoint, we built and delivered a system of cost-effective store kits that ensured a more consistent brand image across multiple locations and tactics while providing individual stores with tools to attract the attention of target audiences.

In addition to driving cross-channel engagement and social media sharing, the campaign delivered a double-digit boost to store traffic and loyalty program enrollment over the previous year’s grand openings.


  • Strategic Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Creative Development
  • Tone & Voice development
  • In-store, In-home, and OOH Activation
  • Digital & Social Engagement
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • ROI Reporting