Align Paper

B2B Product Launch

Resolute Forest Products, formerly known as AbitibiBowater, is the 3rd largest paper company in North America. To better reflect the organization’s shift toward a leaner, more environmentally focused, sustainable business, they asked our Charlotte branding agency to create a new umbrella brand to promote their growing selection of environmentally responsible papers.


  • Low awareness in target markets of Resolute’s line of environmentally friendly papers.
  • We needed to disrupt existing paper buying and usage behavior to get customers to try something new.
  • A new value proposition (environment + bottom line) needed a simplified and compelling expression.


In today’s commercial paper market, paper buyers are forced to decide between the environment or their bottom line.

Because most paper is seen as a commodity, building brand awareness becomes a function of good design and relevant content.

As the market for environmental offerings has grown, buyers have more choice and less willingness to sacrifice quality or cost.


To develop and activate a cohesive, memorable brand that helps a range of decision makers at large companies understand both the business and environmental benefits of Align.


We began by developing and testing a strong, viable name and tagline for this new umbrella brand of papers that could both reinforce the benefits as well as create meaningful differentiation.

Next, we developed an integrated marketing plan to promote the environmental and economic benefits. Tactics included an educational video, sales kit, microsite, and a national print ad campaign in industry publications.

Because this was an unprecedented launch for Resolute, success was measured as sell-in and sell-through. In the six months after launch, a higher volume of key customers contacted Resolute for bidding opportunities than in the last five years. After the three months, the Align website had received 2000+ unique visitors.


  • Marketplace & Competition Research
  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Tone & Voice Development
  • Corporate Communications Design
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Sales Materials Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Animated Video Development