Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™ Sales Kit Design

Xerox offers a synthetic paper that stands up to the harshest elements. So we tapped into mother nature's rugged beauty for an inspired approach to promoting it.


Challenge: Restaurants, hotels, and other “harsh” business settings require printed materials that can stand up to rough handling and repeated use. Our client Domtar, the supplier of Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™, needed a sales tool to communicate why this paper is the perfect solution to these needs. The piece had to be hands-on, easy for sales presentation, and something that businesses would want to keep for later reference.

Solution: So we created a visually appealing sales tool kit that highlighted some of the world’s toughest environments – from the tundra to the desert, and everywhere in between. We drew a parallel between these settings and Xerox Revolution NeverTear’s benefits, which include strength, durability, and beautiful performance. In addition, we created a set of samples (such as luggage tags, a menu, and door hangers) that demonstrate the real-world uses of this customer base.

Result: The design response was immediate and positive. Sales teams were actively engaged, and reported using the piece on their business calls.

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