Arguably the greatest Superbowl commercial of all time, Apple created a masterpiece in advertising with their controversial commercial ‘1984’, setting the table for what the brand continues to stand for today. Since then, the Superbowl has continued to be the most coveted advertising space available. Understandably so, who doesn’t remember the Budweiser frogs or Terry Tate Office Linebacker?

Whether you’re a lover of all things football, excited to watch Russell Wilson walk all over Peyton Manning, or are just in it for the commercials; chances are you will be watching the Superbowl this Sunday. You will be just one of the millions of reasons that a 30 second ad spot will be worth $4 million. The players themselves are not the only ones to step up their game, agencies from around the world will be putting their best foot forward. For those of you in anticipation of the Superbowl commercial line up, check out AdAge’s Superbowl Ad Chart. Or don’t, and be surprised, either way we’re excited for the watercooler buzz about what worked and what didn’t.

And of course, go Seahawks.

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