Why some Packaging Design looks better on the rocks …

Commissioned to create a series of vector illustrations to capture the "PRIDE of MEXICO," renown brand illustrator Orlando Arocena created a special series of limited edition bottles for Jose Cuervo, the largest selling tequila brand in the world (with 19% volume share of the global market).

The illustrations were created using PANTONE® Thermal inks. The bottle wraps change color from an outline (during room temperature) to a full bloom color version at a colder temperature (when stored in a freezer and served). And unless you're sipping on a 3-year old Añejo that has been aged in French white oak barrels, your everyday "shots and margaritas" tequila is most flavorful when served cold. 

And speaking of tequila, here's a recipe for a fresh cherry margarita that blew the socks off our Charlotte ad agency at last Friday's rooftop cocktail hour.


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