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  • A Closer Look at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme

    The ugly Christmas sweater has become a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season, on par with grumbling about Black Friday or wrestling with the Christmas lights. These tacky garments are now being re-appropriated from their perpetual spot in the wardrobe of great-aunt Edna or your third grade social studies teacher. Telltale signs of the ugly sweater are liberal... Full Article

  • Finally, a Candidate All Americans Can Support.

    . It’s election season in North Carolina (again), and in a state that may very well determine which party controls both the White House and the Senate,  politicians and their supporters are spending a lot of money on TV ads. Everyone here at our Charlotte marketing agency has had a veritable snoot full of this year’s... Full Article

  • More Shoppers Than Ever Despise Going To The Grocery Store

    The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) examines the implications of new customer satisfaction benchmarks for traditional and online retailers, including office suppliers, home improvement chains, and clothing, electronics, and book sellers. The report also covers supermarkets, drug stores, and Web retailers. If you haven’t downloaded a copy of the 2015 ACSI Retail Report, don’t worry.... Full Article

  • Finally, A Button That Actually DOES Something.

    Few marketing gimmicks have had the kind of break-out success as the Staples “Easy Button.” It was originally intended to be a fictitious button in a television ad campaign that ran back in the early aughts. But people liked it, and as the clamor grew louder, Staples responded by making the “Easy Button” a real product. These buttons were shipped to... Full Article

  • What Do Advance Reservations, New Construction, And Digital Marketing Have In Common?

    Findings from the Gartner 2015-2016 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey clearly show that digital marketing is no longer a niche channel. According to Yvonne Genovese, Group Vice President at Gartner, “There is little doubt that digital marketing is now mainstream. Marketers no longer make a clear distinction between offline and online marketing disciplines. As customers opt for digitally... Full Article

  • 5 Tile Trends To Watch For In 2016

    With the holiday season rapidly approaching in the form of non-stop Christmas radio, decorations we’ve seen since Halloween, and that slight panic feeling in the air – we direct our attention to a few upcoming hard surface trends of the New Year. At our Charlotte marketing agency, the members of our shopper marketing practice are constantly... Full Article

  • Another Article about the (Me)llennials

    It could be because I’m a typical Millennial who’s lazy, entitled, and overly connected with all things on the Internet. Or. I see the following benefits of NOT going to the grocery store: Not getting frustrated with checkout lines / cashiers. Not stupidly standing in the meat / fish section trying to determine just how... Full Article

  • Is It Smart To Close On The Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year?

    REI, the Seattle-based outdoor recreation and sporting goods behemoth, recently announced that it is going to close for Black Friday (not a typo) and pay its 12,000 employees to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. As part of this #OptOutside campaign, REI is also encouraging other like-minded companies to join them in what they describe... Full Article

  • Halloween’s Getting More Scandalous

    Last Halloween, we mentioned the fear of Pumpkinstein, but now, there’s a new terror in town – or is it terrier? If you’ve seen birdsong gregory’s website and/or Instagram account, you know how much we love our office pups Pete and Pixel (and now Starbuck). Which isn’t surprising since there seems to be a dog... Full Article

  • Prost! to Charlotte Microbreweries

    It’s been 10 years since North Carolina passed new legislation raising the alcohol limit on beer. No one knew that this would lead to putting NC on the map as the best craft-beer state in the Southeast, as well as one of the best in the country. Our Charlotte marketing agency fully supports local businesses, and we... Full Article

  • The Family Tree of Bourbon Brands

    Get ready to pay more for your bourbon whiskey. Or do without it. Because of the recent spike in popularity of this quintessentially American brown spirit, distillers, who generally need to age even the cheapest stuff for 8-10 years, are warning that a major shortage is coming. (For whiskey to legally meet the definition of “straight... Full Article

  • Annual Report Design Best Practices: Think in Chunks

    Shopify is a fully managed commerce platform that helps online businesses establish themselves and provides retail point-of-sale systems for both online and offline companies. Shopify’s core features include the ability to manage products, inventory, customers, orders and discounts. Founded in 2004, the company reportedly has 150,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $8 billion. In the last couple... Full Article

  • Accenture’s 2015 Design and Innovation Trends Forecast

    If you haven’t already, take 15 minutes to read through the 2015 Annual Trends Report from Fjord (Accenture Interactive’s design and innovation practice group). This incisive document highlights the impact of digital on the real world and raises important questions about how our affinity for devices will shape both consumer expectations and service design over the next 12... Full Article

  • Smartwatches and 3 Shopper Marketing Opportunities

    Wearable tech and smartwatches have been around for a while, but with the much ballyhooed release of the Apple Watch, we now find ourselves on the cusp of a new smartwatch era that will force brands and marketers to figure out how to squeeze messages and functionality into the tiniest of screens (like the 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter screen options... Full Article