Halloween’s Getting More Scandalous

Or should we say, Scandaruffs?

Last Halloween, we mentioned the fear of Pumpkinstein, but now, there’s a new terror in town – or is it terrier?

If you’ve seen birdsong gregory’s website and/or Instagram account, you know how much we love our office pups Pete and Pixel (and now Starbuck). Which isn’t surprising since there seems to be a dog walking around every corner of Uptown Charlotte.  It is estimated this year that 20 million pet owners will dress up their pet up for Halloween, and the total cost in animal costumes is projected to be $350 million which is about a 23% increase from 5 years ago.


What used to be something of a mockery is now a trend. A few years ago, dressing up your dog or cat for Halloween seemed ridiculous and borderline pretentious, now, it’s become more acceptable and marketing campaigns for new pet costumes are becoming more creative, and even risqué.

Enter the growing category for pets this year: sexy pet costumes. Say what you will about it, but the costumes are pretty great. Below is a collage of our personal favorites – enjoy and Happy Howl-aween!

 our charlotte marketing agency's favorite Halloween dog costumes

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